Package com.codingchili.core.context

package com.codingchili.core.context
Contains the context which is used for deploying services and provide access to context-specific services, such as logging, the event bus and worker pools.
  • Interface Summary
    A command that may be executed by the CommandExecutor.
    Interface that can be implemented to handle commandline arguments.
    Provides a simplified subset of the vertx toolkit with some wrapping to simplify usage.
    Indicates that a deployable unit is capable of providing deployment options.
    May be implemented by service specific contexts.
  • Class Summary
    A basic
    Parses and executes commands from the command line.
    Delays given futures to allow for cleanup or to implement backoff timers.
    Helper method to simplify working with handlers and asyncresult.
    Provides context for the Launcher system, passed to the launcher when starting an application using the Launcher subsystem.
    Command executor that registers launch commands to a CommandExecutor.
    Registered as a shutdown hook for the JVM and is used to clean up the context.
    Allows a subscriber to receive shutdown events.
    Allows a subscriber to wait for the application context to become available.
    context used by storage plugins.
    A simple logger without any metadata, replacement for System.out.
    Implementation of the CoreContext, each context gets its own worker pool.
    Provides a method to get a timer interval that may change after retrieving it.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    Results returned from an #Command when it is executed by a #CommandExecutor.
  • Exception Summary
    Exceptions should extend this class to allow for catching all core-type exceptions.
    Runtime exception.
    Thrown on timer source failure.