Package com.codingchili.core.files

package com.codingchili.core.files
Utilities for working with files, such as loading, writing and watching for changes.
  • Interface Summary
    Interface for filestore providers.
    Interface to be used with a FileWatcher to be notified of changes.
  • Class Summary
    Represents a file loaded from disk into main memory.
    Caches files from disk in memory and reloads them on change.
    Supports reading/writing to multiple configuration formats.
    Handles loading and parsing of the configuration files.
    Watches changes to files in a registered directory and all its subdirectories.
    File watcher builder.
    Handles the loading/writing of json objects and lists to/from disk.
    Reads a file from the filesystem or the classpath.
    Parses YAML configuration files into JsonObjects.
  • Exception Summary
    Thrown when configuration has failed to parse.