Package com.codingchili.core.listener

package com.codingchili.core.listener
Contains different transport implementations that are used to create Request in CoreListener implementations, that are used by CoreHandler to invoke their methods that have been specified in a Protocol.
  • Interface Summary
    An unit that is deployable on the CoreContext.
    A simplified handler that may be deployed directly.
    Listeners handles incoming messages and forwards them to a handler.
    Specifies a handler bootstrapper.
    Defines a set of operations supported by the messaging implementations.
    A handler to handle things.
    Base request class.
    Wraps a request to allow decorating request objects without re-initializing the source request.
    Indicates that a request is part of a persistent connection.
    An interface which defines the functionality of a session provider.
  • Class Summary
    A bus routerhandler with a static delivery address.
    Simple handler that routes messages to the event bus and passes eventbus errors back to sender.
    Creates new sessions and manages existing.
    Helper class to send clustered messages.
    Used to map API routes to another target/route
    Settings for transport listeners.
    The MultiHandler is capable of routing a request into any of the given handlers using the
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    Types of transports available.