Interface NestedStorable

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Cloneable, Comparable, Serializable, io.vertx.core.shareddata.Shareable, Storable
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public interface NestedStorable extends Storable
Must be implemented by objects that are nested into Storables. Removes the need for implementing id() method.
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    default String
    Get the id of the storable item, used as a key to the map api.

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    compareTo, compareToAttribute
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      default String getId()
      Description copied from interface: Storable
      Get the id of the storable item, used as a key to the map api. This field is not included when serializing to JSON. When serializing to json the id must be kept separately.

      instead of implementing this method, to avoid duplicate values in values as keys; implement hashCode based on an unique attribute combination.

      Specified by:
      getId in interface Storable
      an id that is unique to this storable item.