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A service is the notion of a single or multiple services composed into a single unit with a common purpose.

Services must implement the CoreService interface.

Services can be deployed using the Launcher.

Creating your service

A service simply implements the CoreService interface.

public class MyService implements CoreService {

    // the main manifest can point to any file.
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SystemContext.clustered((core) -> {
            // when clustering is complete - deploy the service.

    public void start(Future<Void> start) {
        // complete must always be called in the start method!
        // perform your deployments here, then complete the future, or fail it.
        // core.deploy(...);
    public void stop(Future<Void> stop) {
        // optional override.
    public String name() {
        // optional override: uses the classname by default.
        return "myService.1";

Deploying your service

Deployment is done like this,


An application may deploy 0..n services. A service should be self-contained, can be seen as a microservice.