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Project setup

A short introduction on how to setup a project using the chili-core.


The distributions are provided through jitpack, this means an additional repository needs to be specified in the build setup.

As a dependency with Gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        // mavenLocal, mavenCentral etc.
        maven { url '' }
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.codingchili.chili-core:chili-core:${project.version}'

As a dependency with Maven


Optional dependencies

Some dependencies are not required unless specific features are accessed. Excluding optional dependencies will greatly reduce the amount of transitive dependencies used. When all optionals are included the distribution lands at 50+ MB, mostly thanks to ElasticSearch, Hazelcast and SQLite.

The following dependencies are optional in some cases,

Dependency Size Required when
ElasticSearch 15+ MB ElasticMap is used.
CQEngine 7.5 MB IndexedMap* is used.
Hazelcast 10 MB Clustering/HazelMap is used.
MongoDB 1 MB MongoDBMap is used.

These are rough estimates.

Excluding optional dependencies

An example on how to exclude all optionals

dependencies {
    compile("com.github.codingchili.chili-core:core:$project.version") {
        exclude group: 'org.elasticsearch.client', module: 'elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client'
        exclude group: 'com.googlecode.cqengine', module: 'cqengine'
        exclude group: 'io.vertx', module: 'vertx-hazelcast'
        exclude group: 'io.vertx', module: 'vertx-mongo-client'

When excluding all of the optional dependencies the jar size is 12MB.