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Welcome to the chili-core documentation!

Important resources

The documentation is a good place to start to figure out how things work. During development it’s recommended to use the sources jar for easy access to javadoc in the IDE.

Recommended reading order

  1. Project setup
  2. Context
  3. Services
  4. Listeners
  5. Handlers
  6. Protocol
  7. Configuration
  8. Launcher
  9. Logging
  10. Security
  11. Storage
  12. Testing
  13. Files
  14. Benchmarking

Other related documentation

Documentation overview
Content Chapter Description Package
yes Setup Using chili-core as a dependency with Maven and Gradle.  
yes Context Documentation on the CoreContext and the SystemContext. com.codingchili.core.context
yes Services A deployable unit, deploys listeners and assigns handlers to them. com.codingchili.core.listener
yes Listeners Deployed from a service, listens for requests and delegates to a handler. com.codingchili.core.listener
yes Handlers Contains business logic and authentication. com.codingchili.core.listener
yes Protocol Provides the mapping from routes in a handler to methods invoked by the listener. com.codingchili.core.protocol
yes Configuration The configuration subsystem and framework configuration. com.codingchili.core.configuration
yes Launcher Provides additional features for deploying applications, optional. com.codingchili.core.context
yes Logging Contains features for logging locally and remotely over the cluster. com.codingchili.core.logging
yes Security Security functionality such as keystores, hashing and token verification/signing.
yes Storage The storage and query API’s.
  Benchmarking The benchmarking API’s. com.codingchili.core.benchmarking
  Files The file API’s. com.codingchili.core.files
  Testing Helpers and mocks that can be used to write test when using the chili-core. com.codingchili.core.testing