Class TestCertificate

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TestCertificate extends Object implements
Copied from SelfSignedCertificate because we need to access the underlying certificate, for the public and private key.
  • Constructor Details

    • TestCertificate

      public TestCertificate(String fqdn)
      Creates a new self signed certificate using the provided fqdn.
      fqdn - of the certificate to generate.
  • Method Details

    • keyCertOptions

      public keyCertOptions()
      Specified by:
      keyCertOptions in interface
    • trustOptions

      public trustOptions()
      Specified by:
      trustOptions in interface
    • privateKeyPath

      public String privateKeyPath()
      Specified by:
      privateKeyPath in interface
    • certificatePath

      public String certificatePath()
      Specified by:
      certificatePath in interface
    • delete

      public void delete()
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      delete in interface
    • getPublicKey

      public PublicKey getPublicKey()
      the public key of this certificate.
    • getPrivateKey

      public PrivateKey getPrivateKey()
      the private key of this certificate.