Contains security features, such as keystores, input validation, token signing/verification and hashing.
  • Class Summary
    Transfer object used for authentication from clients.
    Contains default argon2 parameters for password hashing.
    Generates service security configuration based on system security mappings.
    Compares byte arrays in constant-time.
    Handles the hashing of passwords and the generation of the salts used in the hashing; internally in Argon2.
    Keystore builder for use in #SecuritySettings.
    Used in #SecuritySettings to contain references to keystores.
    Reads passwords.
    Generates and verifies secret keys.
    Copied from SelfSignedCertificate because we need to access the underlying certificate, for the public and private key.
    Used to authenticate requests between services and with clients.
    Verifies and generates tokens for access.
    Declares a security dependency on another service.
    Common wrapper class for #SelfSignedCertificate and #JksOptions as they both contain trustOptions and keyCertOptions but these methods are not contained in a common interface.
    Validates the contents of a json object according to the validation configuration.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    Determines if text matching a regex should be replaced or if the validation should fail.